Program Oral Speakers

Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Thursday, 11. July, 2019

08:55 Welcome
Session ChairAndreas Fery
1009:00 Reza Mohammadi Symmetry breaking in plasmonic complementary hole/disk structure
1109:15 Hanbo Yang Light guiding—moving beyond fossil fuels with next generation luminescent solar concentrators
1209:30 Henry Halim Water transferred semiconductor nanoplatelets as ultra-bright fluorescent probes
1309:45 Johannes Schultz Direct Observation of Plasmon Band Formation and Delocalization in Quasi-Infinite Nanoparticle Chains
10:00 Break
Session ChairGünter K. Auernhammer
1410:30 Joseph B. Tracy Shape memory effect on plasmon coupling in shape memory polymers with embedded gold nanoparticles
1510:45 Julio Alonso Bastos Arrieta Shape effect on motility of active systems
1611:00 Alexander Strzelczyk Adhesion studies of thermoswitchable ligand receptor interactions via Soft Colloidal Probe adhesion assay
1711:15 Madeleine Schwarzer Understanding of Ice Nucleation and Adhesion on Particle-based Amphiphilic Surfaces
11:30 Poster session Location: Seminar Room MBZ
12:30 Lunch Location: Pavilion
Session ChairAlexander Eychmüller
1813:30 Tim Granath One method fits many types: The oxidative precipitation of magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles from ferrous citrate
1913:45 Sebastian PfuhlInvestigation of the influencing factors on the formation of TiO2 nanoparticles during the controlled hydrolysis of titanium ethoxide
2014:00 Karl David Wegner Tuning the Photoluminescence of InP Quantum Dots with Gallium
2114:15 Tanja PaulSynthesis and characterization of biomimetic thermoresponsive microgels and their ability to bind proteins and bacteria in solution and on surfaces
14:30 Break
Session ChairJoseph B. Tracy
2214:45 Aliyar Javadi Confined Coacervation Molecular Membrane Encapsulation Based on Polymer-Surfactant Multiscale Self-Assembly Structures
2315:00 Mehedi H. Rizvi Heteroaggregation Approach for Depositing Magnetite Nanoparticles onto Silica-Overcoated Gold Nanorods
2415:15 Benjamin Hämisch Fibril formation of PIC – A mechanistic study based on SLS/DLS and UV-Vis
2515:30 Rajarshi Roy Raju Thermo-responsive Janus emulsions
15:45 Break
Session ChairTobias A.F. König
16:00 Silvia Vignolini Colour Engineering: form nature to applications
17:00 Free Time
18:00 Conference dinner Location: Pavilion
22:00 End

Friday, 12. July 2019