Program Poster Sessions

Wed., 10 July and Thu., 11. July, 2019

Poster session list in alphabetical order.

Location: Seminar Room MBZ

1Anja Maria SteinerControlled fragmentation of quasi-infinite particle chains into oligomeric subchains under the influence of external strain
2Anna SchulteTemplate-assisted fabrication of poly(vinyl alcohol) nanostructures for cell studies
3Claudia MarschelkeProgrammable and Reversible Assembly of Charged Hybrid Janus and Non-Janus Particles: From (Half-)Raspberry to Chain-Like Clusters
4Claudia MarschelkeInsights into the Immobilization of Enzymes onto Hybrid Isotropic and Janus Particles
5Daniel Peter SzekrényesSelf-assembly of molecules and nanoparticles on gold nanorods
6Daniel SchlattmannStudies of the influence of isomer structure of additives on the phase transition of thermoresponsible Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) microgels
7Daniel SchletzStochastic Confinement Assembly: A True Random Number Generator using Silver and Gold Nanospheres
8Dimitri WilmsEffect of PEGylation of Multivalent Polymeric Compounds on Inhibition of Adhe-sion by Soft Glycocalyx Mimicking Hydrogels
9Dominik BenkeSelf-assembly of colloidal monolayers with anisotropic polymer particles
10Fabian R. GoßlerActive plasmonic colloid-to-film-coupled cavities for tailored light−matter interactions
11Fabian SchröerGotta Catch ‘EM ALL: PEG-based microgels for selective inhibition of pathogens
12Hyung Seok ChoiDesign and synthesis of non-cadmium quantum dots for the application in high performance light emitting diodes
13Jil MannControlling hierarchical self-assembly of diblock copolymers
14Jingjing YeNano-electronic components built from DNA templates
15Karina AbitaevFrom polymer nanoparticles towards mesoporous materials: influence of the particle size and polydispersity
16Marisa HoffmannFormation of conducting polymer by plasmon induced photopolymerization
17Martin MayerDesign of Colloidal Building Blocks: Merging the Advantages of Silver and Gold
18Max SchnepfCoherent energy transfer in an asymmetric colloidal nanocavities
19Nadine SchwaarFabrication of Microsieves with integrated supportig structure for wastewater treatment
20Nicole BehmeHierarchical Membranes in one step


Olha AftenievaFull reciprocal space analysis of colloidal plasmonic nanostructures
22Pascal FandrichSynthesis of Smart Microgels in a Flow Reactor
23Pia Madeleine OttoCore-Shell Microgel Particle Morphology Investigated by Super-Resolution Microscopy
24Qasim AlhusainiDevelopment of Enzyme Responsive Biosensors Based on Nanoporous Silicon Rugate Filters for the Detection of Bacterial Enzymes
25Rebeca Fortes MartínPotential Self-Assembly of Nanoparticles at the Interface of Microemulsions
26Ruosong WangAnisotropic Core/Satellite Au Nanoassembly for SERS Application
27Salvatore ChieraInvestigation of reaction parameters in one-step surfactant-free emulsion polymerization reactions
28Teresa WalterCell interactions with nanostructured surfaces
29Tobias JurczykColloidal Quasicrystals
30Tobias LausterOptical broadband characterisation of silica particles in chitosan thin films
31H. C. Tomohiro SchollbachDrying of colloidal suspensions of hard spherical particles on soft swollen hydrogels
32Ulrich KemperSynthesis of nickel nanoparticles using DNA Origami molds
33Vaibhav GuptaSurface Lattice Resonances in the Visible Optical Range by Soft Lithography Templates and Directed Self-Assembly
34Vanessa B. Leffler2D Nanostructures from Block Copolymer Coated Nanoparticles
35Yannic BrasseA Switchable Metasurface as Near-Perfect Absorber
36Yixuan DuSynthesis of colloidal BaTiO3 nanoparticles with paramagnetic properties